How To Sign Up to STIMS

In order to officially become a registered member of our team you must sign up for STIMS. Only after you are registered will you be able to come to any of our competitions or events.

Information to know to sign up with STIMs:

  1) Our team number is: 4458

  2) Our team name is: Infernorobotix

  3) We are an: FRC Team

How to sign up for STIMs:

  1) Go to:

  2) Click register on top right corner

  3) Confirm email after registering

  4) Make sure to invite your parent/guardian and have them confirm the account

  5) Go to APPLY TO TEAM and fill in needed information

  6) After finishing filling in all the needed information



   *** Make sure you get consent release form signed by your parent/guardian!!!! ***

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