Tomhas O'Leary

June 9, 2020

      Today’s senior shoutout is Tomhas O’Leary! Thomas has been apart of Team 4458 all throughout his high school career and has been apart of the building department in those four years. He always showed interest in building and engineering, and robotics has taught him so much about that. During those years on the team, he learned new skills such as welding, electrical, and much more. The reason why he joined the build department on our team is because of his interest in engineering, but he is also a very creative person and loves to express his ideas with others. Tomhas is a dedicated and skillful worker on our team. His hard work lead him to be a Dean’s list nominee last year, and to be the head of the build department this year! We are all so proud of your accomplishments Tomhas and can't wait to see what you do next! Congratulations Tomhas!


ations Tomhas!

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