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May 26, 2020

      Long time no see. As you can imagine there has been a lot going on the past couple of months due to COVID-19. FIRST has cancelled the competitions for the remainder of the season. With all the time and hard work we put into this season, along with all of the other FIRST teams, we are very disapointed but we understood why they did this and was the right thing. Shortly after we heard this news, state of New York started the Stay At Home order and schools were cancelled for two weeks. Fast foward to today, schools are closed for the rest of the year. 

      Even though our team is apart we are still together as a family, and we would like to thank all esential workers. Ranging from Doctors and nurses to grocery store workers and transporters. Every one of you risk you and your families health so everyone else can have our food, or Amazon orders, even to help us feel better when were sick. Once again, Team 4458 says thank you for everything you are doing for our communities, you are truely our heros. We hope everyone who can stay home are and being safe. 




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