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February 24, 2020

      Long time, no see! A lot of things has happened since our last block two weeks ago. Just to catch everyone up, every department on our team has been super busy since we have our first competition in two weeks! Programming has been perfecting autonomous and vision tracking. In addition to this that have been working out the bugs in the almost completed robot when it comes to it's codes. Yes, you heard that correct, the almost completed robot! Build has been doing some finishing touches on the robot and practice driving the said robot. Media has completed and submitted the Chairmen's award! They are now onto designing the pit for competitions and using Photoshop and Canva to make posters! All and all our team has been very efficient and productive. But that was only one week. Last week for those who don't know was February Break here at Center Moriches. So we took the week off which was very much needed! 


    As for our Fundraisers, our Wendy's night went very well, and as a team, we thank you for your support for those who went to Wendy's that night! Even the ones who couldn't make it to Wendy's that night, we still appreciate all of your support : ) 

If you are still interested in buying a 50/50 raffle ticket, you still have time! We will be selling them till the 27th of February. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please, contact one of our team members. We will be pulling and announcing the winner on the 29th, and the winner will be said on our robotics Facebook page AND on our blog! So stay tuned!


Again thank you so much for your endless support : )



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