Kick Off!!

January 7, 2020

Kick off was this past Saturday and we are all very excited for this season! This challenge is called INFINITE RECHARGE. This year there are three main elements to this challenge, such as,

        1.   Throwing balls into a goal, 8 feet above the ground. 

        2.    Spinning a color wheel either on a specific color, and/or spin a complete rotation to get more points. 

        3.    And lastly, the climb. There is a bar for up to three robots to hang on.  This bar is like a seesaw and you get extra points for having this bar                        balanced when robots are hanging from the bar.


Since Kick off, our build department has been hard at work with prototyping, and trying out different mechanisms. Media is working on awards such as Deans list and Chairman's award. 


We are very excited for this year and kick off video link below!



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