Intro Day!!

October 27, 2019

      On October 26th we had our annual Intro Day! This is an annual event we host for our new members to get their toes wet in the FRC/robotics atmosphere. This allows each person to decide what they want to do on the team and their interests in the team and to learn what FIRST is and what it stands for. We have a station for each department that we have on our team. For electrical, Jordan taught everyone how to soter and how to properly work with wires. In media Megan and Emily showed each person made their own blog post about anything they want, and they learned a little bit of photoshop. In programing Jessie had a fun quiz all about programming, and everyone did a little but of programming themselves. And of course in the build team our mentors and Tomhas, helped each person make a C clamp with tapping our team number on it. This year was a big success with over 20 new members! Thank you for everyone who came today and we hope you have fun with us this season!!






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