How Our Competitions Went...

September 14, 2019

With Competitions we have been very busy and here is how we did!


The first competition we attended was, Central New York regional's in Utica. Unfortunately, the robot didn't perform the way we wanted it to, but it was a great opportunity to see what needed to be worked on. But we got it ready for the next competition at Hofstra University. Even though the competition didn't go as planned for us, it was still an overall great experience for the whole team. While the build and electrical team was fixing the robot, everyone was in the stands was cheering on other teams. Floyd, HURRICANES, and T-REX were all local teams that did wonderful in the competition. 


The next competition was held at Hofstra University. Thankfully this competition went a lot better for us!  We were able to be an Alliance Captain! Being an Alliance Captain for those who don't know is when you are in the top 8 ranks at the end of Qualification matches. We got in 7th place! This is the first time our team has been an Alliance Captain! Sadly we only got to the Quarter Finals, but it was still a great learning experience. That wasn't the only thing that happened. One of our team members, Sophia DiCuffa, had the honor of being a Deans list Finalist! The Deans list award showcases the leadership and dedication of FIRST's most outstanding high school robotics team members. This brought Sophia to Worlds, in Detriot, where they would announce the official Deans list winner. This is the first time one of our team members has been a finalist! Even though we didn't win the competition, it was still filled with plenty of successful victories!




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