Build season is quickly coming to an end, and we're working hard until the last minute! We still have a lot to do before Bag and Tag, and even more to do after!


     Build, obviously, has been working on the robot, building the final designs of the mechanisms and adding them to the final robot. The lift mechanism has started working very well, but we're working on making it faster and smoother! The hatch panel mechanism is working, but still needs a bit more attention to make sure it's realiable for competition.


     Electrical has been working closely with Programming to get a driving base. We've gotten the prottype base to work, and now have to transfer all of that work to the final bot.


     While they're doing that, Programming has also been working diligenrly to get a reliable code working. They have been hopping back and forth from the school to member's houses, trying to get a good internet connection and download everything that they need to get ready for competition, including the vision tracking code, which is a new challenge that our team has been facing this year. Our team has also gotten help from a programmer from Brookhaven Lab , who has taken time out of his day to come to our meetings and try to fix the problems that they've beenb experiencing. Thank you Andrew!


     3D Print has been working with both Build and Media, creating CAD models of our mechanisms and robot components (like pulley systems) for Build, as well as keychains to hand out at competitions for Media! 


     PR has been working to coordinate hotel rooms and meal plans for our upcoming events. They have also been helping Media to plan out our pit and supply necessary equipment for competitions.


     Media has finished all of the awards and is now focusing on the pit design, which is a 10ftx10ft area at competitions that we use to repair and store our robot, but is laso free to be decorated to represent our team! We have also been working on scouting sheets for competitions and taking lots of pictures to post on our social media accounts. 


Our social media:

     Instagram: infernobotix

     Twitter: infernobotix_

     YouTube: Center Moriches Robotics Team 4458


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