What We've Been Up to...

January 30, 2019

We are now on the fourth week of build season and each department is working very hard to accomplish there tasks. First lets begin with Media...


Media has been working on awards such as the deans list, Chairmens, and the Woodie Flowers awards. Also we have recently started making buttons for the competitions that are approaching. 

The programming team has finished making all the codes for the new robot transferring them to the new robot. 

The build team have been working on prototyping new parts on the robot. They also been working on an intake system to pick up cargo balls, and reusing the parts from the robot last season. With having a prototype robot we can test out new things and work out all the flaws before we wire the actaul robot.

The electrical department have been hard at work with wiring the base of the prototype robot. 


As you can see we have been hard at work these past couple of weeks and have great things to come for the rest of this season. 



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