Visiting Sponsors

January 23, 2019

     In the past few weeks, Infernobotix has reached out to and visited its sponsors to learn about what they do and how they do it. We have visited Westhampton Architectural Glass and Biodex, and we'd like to tell you a little bit about our experiences!


     Westhampton Architectural Glass contacted us late last year to talk about sponsorship opportunities. This year, they decided to show us their facility to help us understand some of the machinery that they use, as well as what exactly they do. We learned that they specialize in individualized work for high-end houses. Obviously, they specialize in glass, but they also do a lot of work with steel and other metals, and some work with wood. They make hurricane-proof windows, and showed us the process surrounding that. They also showed us some of the projects that they have completed, and they were all beautiful and very interesting! It's very cool to see the both the internal process and the final product of it. They have some very nice machinery as well to help them cut pieces of metal, and they explained the inner workings of this, such as how the machinery is programmed and the impressive five-axis motors on some of their millers.


     Biodex has been a sponsor for a few years now, and while we did visit them last year as well, this trip went a bit more in depth on the design process, which was inspiring to see right before build season started! Biodex specializes in medical equipment, specifically machinery to aid in physical therapy and some forms of radiation. They showed us around their workshop where they put together all of their different machines, and explained how they organized said workshop to make everything efficient and streamlined. We also got to see their second office, which focuses more on designing and improving the machinery that they then put together. We saw some of their devices at the different stages of designing, fabricating, constructing, and improving, which was very interesting to see. Seeing a product, and how it looks as it gets made, shows you just how much time and engineering is put into these pieces. Our guide also explained that he focuses on making improvements and testing different mechanisms, whether it be comparing chair prices to testing the strength of springs. We also saw their new industrial 3D printer and the parts that they make with it. All of it was amazing to see!


     During both trips, we made sure to thank our sponsors for everything that they have done for us, and show them the product of their support. We brought our robot from last year, Betsy, and showed her off to the people at these companies, explaining what she did and how far we got. We showed some new autonomous features that our programming team had been working on, and even let some people drive the robot!


     We are eternally grateful for all of our sponsors, and opportunities like this that they provide for us. The amount of knowledge and inspiration that they give us is crucial for us to do well, and we try our best to thank them and do well for them!


     You can find more of our sponsors here, check out Biodex here, and check out Westhampton Architectural Glass here!



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