Practice Makes Perfect

December 27, 2018

Pre-season is coming to an end. During this time our team has been welcoming new members and working on the necessary skills needed for the upcoming build season. We have also hosted our Polar Plunge which was very successful, and we have also been able to reach out to sponsors for the upcoming season, in hopes of raising enough funds for our robots and our competitions. For kickoff our team is hosting a Pasta Night at our school to raise money for our team and to create excitement for the this season.


Before the mayhem of build season begins our team is focusing on skills needed to build the new robot in the new year. Build team is organizing the shop for maximum efficiency. Programming is practicing autonomous coding as our past head programmer has graduated. They are working extremely hard to adjust. Media is keeping updates on the website as you can see, as well as on our Chairman's Award, a very important award that consists of an essay and a video. Our 3D team has now expanded from just the current head William Daniels to two additional members.  


Our team had a mock design session using the FRC game challenge from 2011 titled Loco Motion. Basically, we watched the game animation from this season and had about 30-45 minutes to read the manual and come up with a rough robot design to complete the challenge (individually as well as in groups). This will be roughly how we will go about Kickoff, and how we will begin brainstorming for Destination: Deep Space!


Our team is also facing a big competition decision. We are either attending the FIRST competition at Utica or Quebec. Quebec seems like the more thrilling option, but Utica gives us a little more time to recuperate and understand our robot's flaws in order to possibly fix them. We are definitely attending Hofstra, though, as we have gone every year since our team's creation. We will miss TechValley at RPI, because it has a warm place in our heart as being the first place that we won, but it will be interesting to explore other regionals and make our mark in different places. We will keep you updated on our decision!




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