Polar Plunge


For those that do not know what the Polar Plunge is, it is held in the cold weather where participants go into low temperature water to raise money for a charitable event. We, the robotics team, had a polar plunge on December 8, 2018 to raise money for not only our team, but the Special Olympics and Helping Makes You Happy. The event was an adventure for all of those who participated.


When we had gotten to Holiday beach at eight o'clock in the morning where the plunge would be held we got to work straight away. We had about an hour and a half to get the beach cleaned up and set up for the upcoming participants that were to arrive at eleven o'clock in the morning. We took rakes and passed them out to start cleaning the beach of any hazardous items or debris. While some members raked, our stronger members had moved the wood benches that were scattered along the sandy beach to the side, making the beach look more open. After the raking and moving of the benches was done there was a slight break where we huddled for warmth in the freezing weather and for those that needed to still eat could eat there breakfast. By that time everybody had been fully affected by the cold with our whole bodies shaking and our hands feeling numb, but there was still much more work to do. After most people had eaten and could slightly feel the touch of there fingers we began to bring out the heating fans for the participants to warm up after they have plunged and for us to not freeze to death.  


We were all very surprised and happy to see how many people participated in our Polar Plunge. We were thrilled to have so many people spend their morning freezing with us on the beach and watch the brave souls that dove into the icy waters. Participation in the plunge costed a minimum of 30 dollars and we received additional generous donations from the community. Overall, we had raised


over 1,700 dollars from this event and gave 30% of our proceeds to the Special Olympics. 




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