A Catch Up...

December 20, 2018


It's been a while...  We've had a very eventful past few months.


When was our last update? February? Jeez, time really does fly! We apologize for our silence, we've just been so busy, running from competition to competition, celebrating our wins and learning from our losses, fundraising, and sleeping through long bus rides.


Build season ended and we took our trip to RPI. After a long bus ride and endless hours of competing, with stakes higher than the scale, we came out on top! With the help of Brazilian Team Under Control (Team 1156) and the Falcons from Albany (Team 1493), and a whole lot of luck, we moved on to nationals!


And boy, was nationals fun.


Our trip to Detroit was a once in a life time experience. The bus ride left more to be desired but the experience was worth it. Over the season we were able to accomplish the unthinkable and display our hard work. This was an overwhelming feeling of intense pride for all members of the team.  The trip was not only a professional endeavor, it was an immensely enjoyable adventure because of our teamwork and the relationships we have created with every member. Detroit was also a great social and welcoming occasion; it was our first time walking through those doors, not knowing what to expect was a nerve racking experience. After getting situated, we realized we were all here for the same reason and we could all relate and share this hobby we all hold dear to our hearts. Seeing the large amount of participants in F.I.R.S.T. was truly eye opening.

As the competition went on we met new people from all different places around the world.  There were 6 divisions and about 60 teams in each division. In our division we were number one in Power Ups, which means that we got the highest amount of points using the power up blocks.  To see more detail go to 



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