The End is Nigh!

February 16, 2018


    With less than four days left to go, we are almost at the end of build season! This is both exciting and stressful, as we still have a lot to do before we send our robot in! The build team has almost finalized the robot; we just need to add the second hook for hanging and we should be good to go! Our bot is able to pick up blocks and get them into our homemade switch very efficiently. Our programmer and mentor thinks that it is best to keep the robot slow for these practice or trial runs, but as soon as we crank up that speed, we'll be unstoppable!

     Our build team is also very busy trying to finalize our second robot. This is very important to do, because, after Saturday, we will no longer be able to use our first robot as reference in order to copy it perfectly, which means that all of the time, money, and effort we put into this practice robot will be wasted.

     Obviously, we don't want this, so our build team is kicking into overdrive in order to finish everything in time! We are very proud of them for all that they have done and are doing during this stressful time.

     It is also worth mentioning that we recently went to our first practice competition at Week 0! This event, hosted by the Regal Eagles at LIU, was not an official competition, but a very good practice one! We didn’t do too well when we competed, sadly, but, on a good note, this competition showed us all of the mistakes that we made and everything that we needed to improve. For example, we realized that our power block intake system wasn’t very effective, and that our program and swerve drive needed a bit of adjustment! Because we went to this competition, we can now fix these mistakes before the real deal!

     The Week 0 event we attended at LIU was an amazing opportunity for our team. The school set up a fully functioning and correctly laid out model field. On this field we were able to try out our robot and all of its functions. We got a real match feel when attempting to place power cubes on switches and scales in the short time period and with other robots on the field. Having these real match calibrations are helping us to plan for our future regional. We determined everything we need to work on in order to perform our very best at our competitions.

     On a different note, the media team has submitted almost all of its awards (excluding the Entrepreneurship Award), and we are now working to create lots and lots of buttons for RPI! For those of you who don’t know, teams often create pins or buttons to hand out to other teams at events. This creates ties and little items of to remember teams when alliances need to be chosen. It also just makes our team look really fancy! Also, we are working to improve the pit designs we have created. We tested our designs at Week 0 and found ways in which to improve them.

     All in all, everybody is busy right now, preparing for the end of build season. Whether it be building, designing, programming, financing, or something else entirely, Team 4458 is working their hardest during these final days!


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