Helping Each Other Along...

February 5, 2018

      Whether it’s a weekend or a business day, our team is always pitching in to keep ourselves as productive and helpful as possible. We’re lucky to have such a big team with members able to help each other out with anything big or small! Now, here’s what each of us have been up to:

      Our build time has continued working on both robots and taking apart the robots from previous years. Gearboxes (which are meant to help pass on power from the engine to the wheels) are being produced as well. The team has also been taking the time to brainstorming on how they’re going to develop an intake system, which basically acts as a pulley.

      Our media team has been, as usual, working on posters, but also working on printing them out, too. Furthermore, they’ve been busy writing up awards, more news blogs, and have even been putting together all our videos and photos from the season! Additionally, we’re looking for a comfortable chair for our head programmer Kevin to sit in during competitions. This will certainly be an upgrade from just upside down buckets.

      The accounting team is assisting the build team in buying linear slides for our robot. They’ve also been writing up important letters and going through and editing our chairman’s award essay.

      Programming has been reading and writing programs, along with working on encoding. Along with this, they’ve been fixing up the swerve drive for the robot. 3D Printing is currently fixing wires to connect 3D printers and laptops together, so they’ll be able to develop structures and print through multiple monitors. Additionally, another screen is being added to the laptop.


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