Furthering the Adventure!

February 3, 2018

   These past couple of days, our team has been thriving in productivity! As we come closer to finalizing our robot, the build team, especially, has had a lot of new work to do. It is clear that each member is needed for assistance in this crucial time, and everyone seems to be doing all they can to pitch in.

   Starting off on a good note, our build team has been working on applying metal braces to our robot and producing a linear slide, and has also been working on a second robot. Robots from different seasons are being scrapped to make use of the materials they’re made up of. Additionally, our main robot is further along in the building process. Adding as much as possible to our robots means we’re working harder as a team, and we’ll be able to achieve more in each competition!

   Accounting is continuing with working on the Dean’s List Award, and has also been writings checks and buying more items to aid the robot. The programming team has been busy working on a networking program, and has been programming and wiring the motors and wheels of the robot to allow them to engage in their respective functions.

   The 3D build team has been printing out more pieces for the robot, including the making of pulleys, and coming up with a mechanism to hold a piece called the 'EVO Shifter' in place.

   Our media team has been continuing the production of extra posters for the pit, and some members have also discovered how to use different programs that will make each poster unique! Along with working on awards, we have been busy in setting a numbered goal each day for taking pictures; one hundred. It’s been tough, but encourages us to depict things from different angles and capture as much activity and productive moments as we can!


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