Some Exciting Visitors!

  As the end of the season gets closer, we are working hard to finishing the robot. It's been pretty tough lately but we've been managing and working diligently on the robot, which is coming together. We are in the process of constructing the intake mechanism to pick up the blocks and the hanging mechanism.

  Media is researching information about reservations for hotels, transportation, and restaurant venues. We are also creating posters for our pit and working to perfect the Chairman's Award, as well as starting a new award, the Dean's List Award. This award nominates two members who are either sophomores or juniors, and who exhibit the messages of FIRST very well.

  We are also in the process of programming the drive of our robot and the coding.

  Today we had four military recruiters visit. They brought a suit that weighs roughly 80 pounds, made for protection against bomb explosions, that we could try on and attempt tasks like running and push-ups. They also brought items that looked and acted like bombs (without the explosions, of course), so we could see what they look like and the things that these military men deal with.

  Even more exciting, these military recruiters presented to us with how their robots work. We were allowed to drive the robots and even try picking up items like chairs. Their robots are designed to disarm bombs and deactivate mines. This means that they must be very strong, precise, and, apparently, heavy. These robots are made for the safety of others and we are so thankful for the time and presentation that these men gave us!

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