Nice Progress!

January 26, 2018



    Like always, our team is hard at work during build season! We're about three weeks in, which means that we only have three weeks left to finish our robot before competition season starts! We are very nervous, but we are ahead of schedule and have most of our design figured out, so we are working on finalizing our two, identical robots. Our build team is not only working on the robots, but our mock-field as well. We are creating a 'scale' our of wood that is the same dimensions of the scale in the real game, so that we can practice and test our mechanisms out. 

    The media team is editing the Chairman's Award video and the final copy of the essay. We want this award to be perfect by the time submit it. The media team is also working on nice posters for the pit. Whether it be on Photoshop, Google Docs, or just drawn out by hand, they all look great! Furthermore

    We have also signed up for an unofficial competition called Week 0. It is held at LIU and hosted by the Regal Eagles of Bethpage! We are very excited for this event. It is on February 10th and there will be an entire field made of wood where we can practice and compete in mock-games. This is good because we can see other people's ideas and test out our robot before the real deal. 




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