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January 24, 2018


      Our team has been very productive in our meetings as of late. The media team is bursting with creativity in designing pins and posters for our pit, making sure to add at least a poster for each team. This way, we’ll appear as much more recognizable and decorated nicely! Aside from that, we are also finishing up the Chairman’s award as well.

      The accounting team has been sending checks for AndyMark credits (AndyMark is a corporation supplying robotic parts for us), organizing money and ordering necessary parts for our team.

      The 3D printing team has been designing and printing out structures intended for the robot. Along with that, a pin holder is being fixed and more designs are underway!

      Our programming team has been engaged in coding, accompanied by working with pneumatics, a form of engineering that uses gas or pressurized air.

Everyone on our build team has been profusely working on prototypes intended to pick up “power cubes,” and have recently been perfecting its function. Power cubes are boxes our robot needs to successfully carry and move around in competitions in order to gain points. Figuring out how to do this is crucial to our robot’s design, so it is important that we get this done as soon as possible!

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