Trucking Along...

January 22, 2018


     Our members have been working as hard as ever to finalize a design for our robot! As of now, we have an elevator-type system to lift blocks up and down. Now, we just need to figure out how to get the blocks onto the robot in the first place... We have also created a drivable base separate from our first robot in order to practice driving with new mechanisms and our fancy swerve drive. The build team has also been utilizing the library in our school to make a mock-arena where we can practice and test different ideas. We have a sturdy tower to practice climbing and placing blocks on the scale for the real game.

     Programming is continuing to work through the new codes that come with the new drive train, and the 3D printing team is building some custom parts for our robot. Everyone is working to make prototypes and designs as well, to ensure we are making the best decision when we focus on the final build!

     Thanks to our accountant, we are budgeting well to make sure our robot parts don't go over the cost limit that has been set for us. We are also working to get hotel reservations for our first competition at RPI! This will be held from March 15 to March 18, and we are very excited, but also very nervous, about how close this date is!

     Our media team has also been working hard to finish the Chairman's Award. This is a very important award in robotics that talks about our team in an essay and a video. Our essay is almost done, thanks to most of our media team working together to get it done quickly, and our video is coming together nicely. We are hoping to get a rough draft done by Friday. Media is also working on designs for stickers, buttons, and shirts, to represent our team and our sponsors. 



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