FTC Competition

   Our team has had their hands full, preparing for the FTC competition tomorrow at our high school. Our high school is hosting two out of the five FTC competitions on Long Island, and it just so happens to be this weekend! On January 13th and 14th we are welcoming the many FTC teams throughout Long Island to our school to compete with their robots. As we know very well, all of these teams have been working very hard these past few weeks to build and perfect their robots.

   We have four FTC teams here at Center Moriches, between the middle school robotics club and high school robotics class. They have all been working very diligently this week as their time runs out. Our FRC team has been helping as needed and furthering the success of their robots. The FTC teams as well as our team are endlessly excited for the weekend.

   All the members of Team 4458 are working hard to prepare for these competitions- helping to set up the field and work with our FTC teams to prepare their robots for the tournament!  We are also volunteering at the events themselves, when the time comes, helping to set up, organize, judge, and, eventually, clean up. We are excited to be involved in this event and can't wait to see what the other teams have to display!

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