Build Season Begins and FTC Competitions

January 11, 2018

   We have entered build season well prepared and have already been working diligently. Our build team has been brainstorming and collaborating on the many possibilities for our Power Up robot! We've brought together the many ideas for mechanism, selected a drive train, discussed our strategy and addressed all the concerns of the manual. Team 4458 is starting the season of rolling and we are all very eager for more season festivities. 

   Our build team on the first day of season made a prototype base for the drive train we wanted to test out. After testing out the mechanism we determined that its abilities were exactly what we had been searching for. Our 3D printing team head has been thoroughly teaching the new and eager members of the team all about the fundamentals of 3D printing and has created a few interesting projects. Our programming team is working on mounting coders on the robot as well as helping the 4 FTC teams we have in our school with the programming of their robots. The media team has been organizing files, renovating the website, taking lots of pictures and staring the awards. 

   Our whole team has been preparing for the 2 FTC competitions we are hosting in our high school this upcoming weekend. January 13th and 14th Center Moriches High School is welcoming the many FTC teams all over Long Island to compete with the robots they worked so hard to create. We are all very excited for not only this amazing weekend but the frustrating and worthwhile 6 weeks we have ahead of us.

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