Visiting Biodex

January 10, 2018

On Wednesday, November 15, we visited one of our sponsors, Biodex. When we got to Biodex, we were greeted with open arms by the employees. We presented last year's robot and showed the employees how the robot works. We also explained the competition and how we accomplished the tasks and overcame challenges. We allowed the employees to drive our robot around and let them try the different tasks that our robot had to do in order to earn points during the competition. After we finished our presentation, they showed us around Biodex and informed us about what they do. Biodex is specialized in building exercise and physical therapy equipment.  They are located in Shirley. They gave us a tour of both facilities and explained the purpose of each section. They discussed the processes that occur in each section of the two facilities and gave us an inside look into the technology they use. This really opened up our eyes on how what we do during build season reflects on the real world. We are very thankful to have them as a sponsor and proud to say that, too.

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