Trip To Reilly Windows And Doors

January 10, 2018

On November 21st, 2017 we went to visit Reilly in Calverton, New York. Reilly is a company that makes hurricane proof windows and doors. They were kind enough to show us around and explaining how they make their products hurricane proof. They explained how they start on a new product, from computer to real life. It was a very interesting process to both see and hear, watching some of the automated machines and the simulations at work, and hearing some of the longer or more strenuous processes, as they could not show them to us at the time (such as glass cleaning and hurricane testing). We got to see how these gorgeous, custom windows and doors were created, from the first concepts of sketches and simulation, to the final product shown in professional, stunning photos. Seeing the process through really showed everyone just how important each person is, from programming creating these very helpful simulations, to building bringing them to life, to PR and media presenting these end products in a way that could catch anyone's attention. It truly is amazing and interesting to see the ways we can apply the skills we learn in Robotics to real life.


Tebbens Steel, a company that does sponsor us, gave us the opportunity to see this interesting and successful company's work, as the complexes for both are in the same area, and the companies are close already. We are thankful to both companies to giving us the opportunity to see this amazing company!


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