First 2017-2018 Meeting

January 10, 2018


On Saturday, October 28th, Team 4458 held the first official meeting of preseason! We welcomed all interested students and almost 50 people attended. This shows that the students of our school are showing more interest in technology and STEM fields, which is very exciting. The three-hour meeting, organized by the executive members of the team, showcased the many different aspects of our robotics team. The main focus point was to see what our team has to offer, not just building. The new members got to learn about building, media, public relations, programming, 3D printing, and electronics. We also showed last year's competition robot. Each new member got to build their very own basic clamp, guided by the heads of the build team. The media team allowed the students to make their own web page to show how the website works. We learned the basics of programming and how it paired with the electronics of the robot. Lastly we showed off the robot's abilities, as well as explained how these competitions work for the new members. Overall, this was a very successful event and got many new members excited about the upcoming season



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