Half Hollow Hills Winners!

December 9, 2017

A bit over a week ago, we attended a local competition at Half Hollow Hills high school, a team with a very professional and strong robotics team that, in fact, helped us at a previous competition. Using the old robot from last year's competition, we had imitation matches, in which we teamed up with two other teams, going against three other teams. The competition was friendly and social, and many well-equipped teams competed, making it a fun first competition for many of our new members. Knowing that the stakes were not too high here, we allowed many new and old members to try roles that they have never tried before (such as driver and human player), and it was interesting to watch new, excited robotics members try their hands at something they've never really seen before. The beginning of the competition was a bit rocky; our robot wasn't functioning correctly and couldn't do a specific, very important task (climbing), but by the time we were chosen to move onto the next round, we had fixed the bot and were going strong! The excitement was contagious as we went from round to round, and we realized that we had a strong chance of winning. Our alliance memebers the Red Dragons were very loud and exciting, and we started chants and excited cheering towards the finals. In a worrying period of time, our robot was losing connection frequently, but luckily, our pit team found the problem when it was really important- the finals- and we fixed the bot and managed to win two our of three finalist rounds, which declared our Alliance (Go Blue Team!) the victors! Although the competition was small, it was an honor to win, especially since this was our first win ever! We're very proud of our title!

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