Hofstra 2015: The Early Stages

March 30, 2015

This year at the FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4458 got off to a rough start with the robot falling over and failing to score in the first round. Thanks to the fact the robot was well designed and built it was able to comeback and keep going.In the end Team 4458 was seeded 14th overall out of 51 teams after the qualifying rounds. This was one of the highest seedings the team has had in it's short history. The seeding system is important because the top eight teams pick two other teams to be in thier alliance. Even with Team 4458 securing the 14th seed, they were not picked until 8th seeded team had thier turn to pick. Team 4458 was still a round one pick, which is something many other teams can not say of themselfs.

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