The big day is almost here!


Here is the detailed information for the FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament at Center Moriches on Sunday, January 15, 2017.     PLEASE READ CAREFULLY !!


Date - Sunday, January 15, 2017


Location -


Center Moriches High School

311 Frowein Rd.

Center Moriches, NY 11934


Times - 7:00 am to approx. 6:00 pm




Parking is in the rear of the building - follow the signs.  Buses will be directed where to park.




Remember that payment must be made either in advance or at the Tournament unless prior arrangements have been made with me.


Cancellation Policy


If your team is unable to attend for any reason, please notify me via e-mail as early as possible.  Any team that cancels at the last minute or does not show for the event will be responsible for the registration fee.


Consent & Release Forms and Team Rosters


Students and adult Coaches and Mentors need to complete and submit Consent & Release forms on-line.  Coaches must bring a printed copy of the Team Roster from TIMS to check-in.


Robot Inspections


There are detailed rules about inspections in the Game Manual Part 1.


Robots are required to pass both the Robot and Field inspections before they can compete. All inspections will be completed before opening ceremonies.  After a robot has passed both inspections, teams will receive a sticker to place on their robot. This will allow any event staff to easily and quickly know the robot has passed inspection.

It is required that teams self-inspect before coming to the event , and you need to give your document to your inspector!  To do this teams should go through the inspection checklists and carefully review each section to verify all criteria are met. Having all teams completing self-inspections will allow official inspections to move smoothly and have every team ready to compete.  I have attached the inspection form for you.

**You are encouraged to have your robot inspected the day before (Saturday) at Center Moriches High School from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  You should plan to leave your robot and tools at the venue overnight.

Please consider reviewing the Robot Wiring Guide available in the FIRST Tech challenge resource library, under Robot Building Resources.  This provides detailed resources for building and wiring your robot for reliable performance throughout the competition season, as well as how to solve some common problems.


Electric in Pits


Each team will have access to one electrical outlet.  Be sure your bring a power strip!


Wireless Communication


Remember that no team, team member or event attendee is allowed to set up their own Wi-Fi 802.11 (2.4GHz or 5 GHz) wireless communication in the venue.  Non-allowed wireless communications include, but are not limited to, cellular hotspots, ad-hoc networks, Nintendo DS peer-to-peer, or Bluetooth communication with robots in the competition area.  There are severe penalties for violating this rule.


Use of Tools


If any team needs help with soldering, machining, etc. or needs tools, a representative from FIRST team 4458 from Center Moriches will be happy to help.  They will escort a team representative and a coach to their Robotics Lab and oversee the necessary repair.


Eye Protection and Safety


Everyone in the pit and competition areas are required to wear approved eye protection at all times.  You will not be allowed in the pit or on the field without them.


Open-toed or open-backed shoes are not permitted in the pit or competition areas.  Please wear shoes appropriate for a gym floor.


Tentative Schedule


7:00 am                Team Check-in

                              Robot Inspections Begin

                             Practice Field Opens

7:30 am                Team Adult Coaches' Mandatory Meeting (probably new to you this year)

8:00 am                Judging Begins

10:30 am              Drivers' Meeting

10:45 am             Opening Ceremony

11:00 am             Matches Begin

12:30 pm             Lunch Break

1:00 pm               Matches Continue

3:45 pm                Alliance Pairing

4:00 pm                Elimination Matches

5:15 pm               Closing Ceremony




Breakfast and lunch items, snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.  We ask that you generously support Center Moriches to help offset their expenses of hosting this event (and not bring in food from the outside).


You can pre-order pizza for your team by completing the attached form.


Team Shirts


Please remember that your team shirts must have the team number either permanently affixed or printed somewhere on the front of the shirt for easy viewing by the Judges and Queuers.  All team members should know their team number.


At the Tournament


Remember that the Qualifying Tournament is an official event.


1) Teams will receive a schedule before the matches begin.

2) There will be two playing fields and a practice field.  Teams will have access to the Practice Field in the pits during Qualification Rounds.  

3) Each pit will have a table and an electrical outlet to a power source.




During competitions, while waiting in queue for the next match, teams should be preparing their robot to place on the field. Teams should be able to place their robot in position and be ready to play the match immediately. Please verify that the robot controller and driver station are paired when waiting in the queue area. Having teams and robots ready to play when entering the field will allow the competition and all matches to run on time.


Items to Bring


1) Robot

2) Engineering Notebook and Control Award documentation

2) Phones

3) Extension cords, power strips

4) Parts, tools, laptop, supplies

5) Safety glasses for everyone in your pit area

6) TIMS roster

7) Money for food & beverages

8) Your pizza order form, if so desired

9) Pit banners, decorations, etc. if you so choose

10) Your Gracious Professionalism


And, the FIRST checklist is here:




Judging sessions will begin at 8:00 am.  You will receive your Judging schedule when you check in.  Remember that Judging sessions are pre-assigned and are not flexible.


Teams will receive information on submission of their Engineering Notebooks when they check in.  Teams should bring their Control Award documentation to their judging session.




The following awards will be presented at the Qualifier:


Inspire Award

Winning Alliance

Finalist Alliance

Think Award

Connect Award

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award

PTC Design Award

Motivate Award

Control Award


Eight teams will advance to the SBPLI Championship on February 11th in Smithtown.

Weather Status

In the event that the weather may impact the Tournament, an e-mail will be sent to Coaches by noon the day before the Qualifier to announce status - cancellation, delayed start, etc.


Be sure to review the Game Forum for the most recent updates.

Your teams need to know the rules - be sure they do!

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